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Montreal Map


This is a type map of Montreal using only the Voor typeface. Project Specs

This was a personal project to use a typeface to create a map. Similar to Toronto artist, Dave Murray's work for Toronto neighborhoods.

I wanted to create more of a texture with type. I used the Voor typeface, courtesy of Renato Forster of São Paulo, Brazil, to create the map.

I decided to use the arrondissements of Montreal because I felt the typeface suited the fabulous city.

Hope you enjoy it.


Hola amigo

Send me an email yo. (The photo is mine BTW)
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You can call me at 416.877.3686 or email me at hello(at)alanjoson.com. Or you can fill out the email form below. I'll get it right away.



A small sample of my commercial photogphy work. Brief Description

Here is a small selection of commercial work I have done for various clients, locally and internationally.

I have worked with the Gardiner Museum, MTS Allstream, Canadian Cancer Society, United Way of Greater Toronto and the National Ballet of Canada.

That's not to say I haven't worked for smaller firms and businesses. I do lots of work for them. Its just these are some big names I've worked with.

Isn't that impressive?

Either way, big or small, rich or poor, if I'm working for you, you will always get the same level of exceptional service and quality of photographs.

Crop Magazine


A fictional magazine created for the large format photography enthusiast. Project Spec

This was a project to create a new fictional magazine for a specialized, niche market. I decided to create a magazine about large format photography (a passion of mine).

I wanted the magazine to have a certain level of class and exclusivity. There are not many large format photographers out there. I was lucky to be able to find a few famous artists that still do.

Each jump spread is treated differently; photography, typography, and illustrative.

This was a fun project to do.

Curriculum VitÆ


That's fancy-pants for resume.
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Here you go. Click Me!

Let me know what you think. I'd love to know.

Loch Gallery


A logo and branding system developed for the new Humber Gallery. Client Specs

This was a fun logo system to develop. The gallery is located at the Lakeshore campus of Humber College. The system is in place and will soon be printing the marketing materials for a new upcoming show.

The logo system was developed to compliment the Humber College identity. The secondary colour palette and official typefaces were used to create the logo. The different colours are used to note the different levels of management in the gallery; from the curator to the student volunteers.

I wanted the logo to take a back seat to the artwork that is on show. Also, I wanted a stable system of creating the posters and marketing materials so all materials have the same look and feel.



I LOVE fashion. You may say I have a passion for fashion. Here's why

I feel fashion is an extension of self expression and therefore an expression of your inner self.

True artists will be proud no matter what they wear. They carry a confidence of self that clothing cannot hide; instead it amplifies and compliment it.

Having said that, the industry is in need of a shakedown. The image of beauty; and I mean true beauty, from the soul kind of beauty; needs to be celebrated.

I can ramble on. This is a conversation best had in person over a cup of Cream of Earl Grey tea.



An alphabet book inspired by the haute couture. Project Specs

I totally jumped on this project. Combining fashion and typography! Yes please!

This project was to look at type as shapes, and to use those shapes to create an image.

I had so much fun with this project I took it one (or two) steps further and printed and bound a hardcover book.

If you're a typophile and bibliophile like I am, you will appreciate the workmanship. Drop me a line and I can show you the finished book.

About Me


Some things to know before you hire me.
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Art Directors Club of Canada (ADCC), Canadian Association of Photographers, Illustrators in Communications (CAPIC), Gallery 44: Centre for Contemporary Photography, Arts Etobicoke

Favourite Musicians:
Yann Tiersen, Tegan & Sara, Crystal Castles, Goldfrapp, Royksopp, Gnarls Barkely, Bjork, Radiohead

Influential Artists & Designers:
Rodin, Floria Sigismondi, Erte, Nobuyoshi Araki, Gottfried Helnwein, Dave McKean, Jacques-Henri Lartigue, Ray Caesar, Richard Avedon

Favourite Books:
Good Omens, Lamb, The Griffin & Sabine Trilogy, The Venetians Wife, Coraline

Two cats; Minnaloushe (black Norwegian Forest) & Ambrocious (blue point Himalayan)

Favourite Photographs:
“Dovima with Elephants” by Richard Avedon
“Golden Age (Madonna)” by Gottfried Helnwein
“Pepper No. 30” by Edward Weston
“Afghan Girl” by Steve McCurry

Walrus Magazine


Redesign of the Walrus Magazine with new DPS designs. Project Specs

For this project we had to re-create an issue of the Walrus magazine with a new feature article. The cover and feature article spread had to be designed from scratch. Oh, and we had to include an infographic somewhere in the spreads.

I decided to feature an amazing Toronto digital artist Ray Caesar. He has some amazingly disturbing work. I love it.

I struggled most with is the masthead or logo of the Walrus. In the end, I had to take an existing typeface (Scotch Modern) and modify it. A lot of work.



An advertising campaign for the British Tourism Authority. Project Brief

This was a project to advertise for the British Travel Authority to get Canadians to travel to Britain.

The big idea behind the advertising was to showcase all the wonderful and fantastic sites Great Britain has to offer.



A movie poster created with symbols and type. Project Specs

This project was to create a fictional movie with real movie actors. The poster had to be vector based and include a dingbat or glyph of choice.

You can see in the details the machine cog was used as the dingbat to create the face. Not sure if you can tell, but it is an image of the actress Lily Cole.

As a little note, this poster was chosen to be part of an art show for Humber College to showcase the talents of the students in the Media Studies School. The poster was also one of five purchased artworks that were on display.

Not bad eh?



Some of my personal fine art photography. Brief Description

Photography is another passion of mine. I try to use either my large format or 35mm camera when I photograph for pleasure.

I have been able, on numerous occasions, to travel the world to photograph for clients. I take this opportunity to bring my film camera and document the world outside.

I have been able to show my work (individually and as a series) in galleries across Canada.

The Company Theatre


Advertising for The Company Theatre's production of "The Test". Client Brief

These are a series of full page print and smaller ads for the Company Theatre's production of "The Test".

The ads ran in Now Magazine and in the Globe and Mail.

Working with the creative director, I created their theatre poster which in turn became their ads.

W Magazine


W Magazine's October 2007 issue featuring Cate Blanchett. Project Spec

This was a personal project to see if I can mimic an already amazing magazine's layout style and to create a totally new fashion spread.

Barring the fact some of the display typefaces were custom and could not be sourced, I think I was able to stay true to the paragraph and character styles of the magazine.

Point Virgule


Branding for a fictional publishing company Point Virgule (semi colon). Project Spec

This is a project to create a logo branding system for a fictional company.

What I enjoy most about this logo is the clever way the "o" and "g" make up a semi-colon.

Nice eh?



Yes, I do weddings.

Now before you judge me, weddings are a great outlet for creativity. And honestly, it is really fun to shoot (if you get the right client).

Now, I just don't take anyone as a client. I am particular. If there is no "spark" when I meet with a potential client, I won't work with them.

Weddings are a stressful time already. Emotions running high, bride and groom zillas. The last thing anyone needs is an angry photographer.

Personal Branding


Letter pressed on a real letter press.

This is my personal branding of Alan Joson Creative (AJC).

I had the opportunity to letter press this at Massey College, University of Toronto. The printer and my mentor, Brian Maloney, helped me with the basics of letter press type and let me loose on his collection of wood and lead type.

Once the type was set, I used an immaculate Imperial press to print on some really sexy paper; BFK Rives and Canson Edition sheets. Yummy!